The Book of Losing Weight


More than 70% of all diets available freely are pure speculative and don’t even have any real dieting proof that really work – just people that tell you that those diets worked for them and that’s why it should work for you,too. In fact, we are all different – hopefully – and we all need special treatment regarding this matter. We are talking here about the most complex and intelligent system known to mankind – the human body – and we cannot just assume there is a standard special formula that will work for all of us.What is this book all about – it’ll try to categorize different body systems using a really easy management system and based on that system it will teach you how to prepare your own individual weight loss formula based only on natural ingredients – and that my friends it s an old secret with hundreds of years of testing and millions of healthier individuals all over the planet.


You cannot deny that the loss of weight is a difficult process, especially considering all the goodies around you. Unfortunately, many of us are struggling with trying to lose weight, with no visible results on long term. To make sure you are a winner in this war with weight loss, read the book with "The Secret of Losing Weight"

In this book you won’t find “before and after” pictures with me, as you can see in many other books because when I started this diet I was disgusted by the way I looked and I didn’t feel like taking pictures. In fact, I didn’t even know this recipe will work…I decided to write this book and share my experience with you after I lost 44 pounds.

Tired of being laughed at when going to the beach or pool and sad of not being presentable because I couldn’t find clothes that flatter my figure, I took the decision of changing my life. I said to myself that life is to short and I cannot afford to lose important moments because I let myself controlled by food.

On this planet there are people of different weight – from skinny to morbid obese. Have you ever wondered why some people are in perfect shape even if they eat all day long? Why does the rate of obesity increase each century? Why do some countries have more obese people than others? I started to analyze things and document myself and I reached some UNBELIEVABLE conclusions.

This book is not about the right diet, nor about some kind of pills you have to take in order to lose weight.

This is a revolutionary book about an old and magical recipe – a mixture of plants that will melt your fat deposit very fast. It comes with a solution that won’t affect your health, or your budget.

The book also contains some tips and tricks for becoming a fit person, some magical foods that help you lose weight without effort ( only by eating them ) and also methods to get rid of the unesthetic cellulite that bothers women so much.


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Honey Massage

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Honey massage methodhas come to us from Tibet.It’s based on the interaction of skin with biologically active substances foundin honey, including also the standard mechanisms of action and other types ofmassage. This method is a kind of reflex, anamazing blend between honey and massage.

A rapid improvement of blood flow in the deeper layers ofskin and muscle contribute to improving internal organs and tissues nutrition. Honey contains active substances that biologicallyabsorb toxins and contributes to their rapid elimination from the body. Such a massage is done to increase lymph circulationand skin cleaning. Skin after the massage becomes more elastic,smoother, while improving whole body condition.

You have to massageyourself with honey 15 days a month - one day massage, next day pause (this isimportant).

For massage you need natural honey, no additives added andnot sugared. As a supplement, in honey you can add aromatic oils: lemon,orange, tangerine, grapefruit, juniper, eucalyptus, lavender.

Place a teaspoon of honey in five drops of oil or mixtureof several oils. If you massage the thighs and buttocks, there are sufficienttwo teaspoons of honey and five drops of oil.

Here are examples of recommended blends for massage withhoney

• two teaspoons of honey, five drops of lemon oil, twodrops of eucalyptus oil, two drops of lavender oil;

• two teaspoons of honey, three drops of lemon oil, twodrops of orange, two drops of lavender,  three drops of juniper;

• two teaspoons of honey, five drops of lemon oil, fivedrops of orange oil;

• two teaspoons of honey, three drops of lemon oil, twodrops of lavender oil, five drops of peppermint oil.

Mix honey with oils before massage. If you use several oils, mix them first, then add honey.



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Have you often wondered why you don’t eat anything and still don’t loseweight?


As following, we are going to analyze the main categoriesof food, how should you eat if you want to lose weight and how should youintroduce “negative calories” in your daily menu, so that they can exercise therole of “anti-fat food”.

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The Ritual of Eating

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- It is very important not to skip meals and as possible, these meals to be at a fixed hours. This way, your body will learn when to feel hungry.

- When you eat, it is important that you sit at the table and eat slowly. You'll feel the satiety no earlier than 20 minutes.

- Chew well your food - this way your food will be more easy to digest, the eating process will last longer and you'll feel full, before you've had ingested a large amount of food.

- Half an hour before each meal, drink a big glass of water. This way, your stomach will not be empty and you'll eat a small quantity of food.  It will also help your digestion.

- Eat from small plates.

- Do not watch TV during your meal, because you won't have control over the quantity of the food you eat

- When you buy / prepare or even order your food at the restaurant, chose always quality instead of quantity.

- Eat every meal green vegetables - This will help your digestion and will provide vitamins.

- Don't drink water during your meal, because it will make the digestion slower.

Lose Weight With Magic Tea and Tincture

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Your silhouette doesn’t please you anymore and you lost your self esteem?

The diets you kept did not have effect and you felt tired of starving? You feel embarrassed  you cannot wear clothes that you like?


Stop! Do not panic!

Solely based on herbs, MAGIC TEA & TINCTURE is a great formula with important effect for weight loss. This recipe was created to help the body to naturally burn calories by efficiently using stored body fat to produce energy.

It also reduces appetite and increases energy levels so you feel less hungry but you’ll have more energy.

At women, stress is the main factor that causes them to eat more than normally. Try to think positive and don’t lose hope. All you have to do is take it easy and do things one at a time.

Why women gain weight?

• most women gain weight because of stress (family problems, workplace) or boredom;

• a high proportion of women gain weight once with the conception and birth of a child;

• a significant part of women take extra pounds after marriage or after moving with her partner, which is due to changing lifestyles;

• sedentary life, lack of exercise, lack of rest are other reasons.

Why men get fat?

One study among Japanese men who sleep less than 5 hours a night showed that these are likely to become obese and get diabetes. The explanation is that the lack of sleep raises blood levels of a hormone that stimulates appetite.

Most men gain weight after marriage, when lifestyle changes. Also, especially alcohol and beer are known as responsible for weight gain among men.

Doctors also say that with age, both women and men will gain more. The explanation lies in the fact that after 40 years, the sex hormone production in men is reduced, testosterone being the hormone that protects them from excessive accumulation of fat around the waist.

If you decide to lose weight, it’s good to know:

• Trust is the best weapon to fight kilograms

• Set your motivation – why you want to lose weight, what helps you stay focused on these issues

• find the best solution and make your plan

• establish a day in which you can begin to change your lifestyle

• take it easy, with calm and patience

• do not expect spectacular results in a short time without complying with a healthy diet and daily physical activity

• treat your issue with optimism and do not give up

• Exercise is always an essential adjunct to weight loss battle. Without daily physical activity it is more difficult to get off the pounds that you have caused. It is recommended any type of movement, starting from simple daily walks, jogging, swimming, etc.

• Drinking water helps your body being healthy and losing weight. If the body doesn’t have enough water, the kidneys will be deficient and will retrieve the body of their liver function, thus lowering the efficiency of fat metabolism. Tip: do not expect being thirsty, drink at least 2 liters a day throughout the whole day and not in large quantities at once;

• Create a healthy diet, give up fried foods, fatty meats and all the food that makes you fat and unhealthy.

Why do we recommend MAGIC TEA & TINCTURE ?

Because this is an old recipe that has been specifically created to reduce appetite and create a feeling of fullness. It is for both women and men, the main purpose being to help you lose unwanted pounds. If you’re a person can hardly abstain from sweets or if you eat more than usual, this is the best recipe for you.

MAGIC TEA & TINCTURE is a formula based on herbs and that helps you lose weight very easy. It helps the body burn calories, reduces appetite and increases body energy level, so although you lost appetite, you have enough energy.

What are the benefits of these recipe?

• It reduces hunger

• It minimizes the creation of fat deposits accumulation, preventing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat

• It has thermogenic effect, resulting in accelerating the metabolism and increase fat burning rate

• It is based on natural ingredients that help reduce or prevent obesity-related health problems such as high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and diabetes

• You obtain maximum results in weight loss

• It increases your capacity and energy concentration


How To Get Rid Of Toxins

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We hear increasingly often talking about detoxification, as if it is one of the latest discoveries of the century.

Daily stress, coffee and juices with caffeine are whipping your nervous system and together with sedentary lifestyle contribute to metabolic changes. The result? It appears an excessive catabolic product, which accumulates and produces intoxication. In conclusion, we are poisoning ourselves with our own lifestyle. Long-term consequences are severe: cardiovascular diseases, degenerative diseases, tumors.

Therefore, detoxification is a change of lifestyle, helped by teas and diet that stimulate the organs directly involved in cleaning the body.

True metabolic center, exocrine gland secretion, the liver is an annex of digestive gland. It filters all the blood coming from the digestive tract, loaded with molecules resulting from digestion and absorption, stores the substances useful for body functioning and removes useless or toxic substances.

The liver synthesizes the body proteins; it produces the cholesterol, the bile acids and substances involved in the fluids coagulation equilibrium. All toxins in the body require a hepatic neutralizing, so alcohol is taken by the hepatocyte – liver cell – and neutralized, because, when being unprocessed he acts toxic towards the nervous cell. Large amounts of alcohol drunk for a long time destroy hepatocytes leading to liver cirrhosis. The liver is also overloaded due to the large number of chemicals used as preservatives, additives and food enhancers.



25 Things That Help You Lose Weight

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1. Exercise

In order to have a fit and healthy body, you’ll have to work out. All kind of  exercise is good – jogging, sports, fitness and even walking for an hour a day will do great for your body shape.


2. Sleep enough

Make sure you get enough sleep and rest to rejuvenate your mind and body.


3. Reward yourself

You can reward yourself once a week with a meal that is normally forbidden in a losing weight program. This doesn’t mean you will stop losing weight.


4. Get rid of the bad food!

Throw away any kind of eating temptation!


5. Substitute

Find substitutes for bad food like: lower fat milk/cheese, fat free sour cream, multi-grain bread and many other great alternatives.


6. Protein

Proteins reduce your appetite. By suppressing the hunger feeling you will eat less and this will obviously help to lose weight.


7. Fiber

Fiber can help with weight loss because it increases the sensation of fullness, and influences the hormones that regulate food intake.


8. Drink More Water

When combined with a low-calorie diet, consuming 500 ml water prior to each main meal leads to greater weight loss than a low-calorie diet alone in middle-aged and older adults.


9. Indian spices in your food

According to health writer Anna Roufos, several spices common to Indian cooking can contribute to health and weight loss – Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cumin, Ginger, Nutmeg and Dried chilies.


10. Never skip meals

Having 3 meals a day helps you eat less and keep your mind and body healthy.


11. Be Positive

Your negativity can severely hinder your progress, but if you think positively, it can help you lose weight.


12. Stretch

Stretching improves blood circulation and can make you more relaxed and supple.


13. Small Plates

Eat from small plates – this way you’ll eat less.



14. Be Your Chef

Prepare your own food, then you'll know whats in it and make it healthier.


15. Herbs

Use garden herbs to dishes and reduce the salt content – this way you’ll have flavor and still lose weight.


16. Attention to clothes

Don't wear baggy or elastic clothes all the time because this way you won’t know when you gain weight.


17. Take The Stairs

Use the stairs instead of the elevator and this way you’ll burn more calories.


18. Play with your kids in the park

Have some family fun with the kids – exercise and fresh air will accelerate the fat burning in your body.


19. Bike

Bike to work and you could save some money on transport costs as well as burn the fat away. This is simply one one the most effective ways to lose weight.


20. Have an active free time

When you have free time, instead of watching TV, go out and do something pleasant – gardening, walking the dog, riding the bike, playing with your kids, skating .


21. Watch Weight loss Shows

These can be great for motivation and support, as well as providing you with helpful ways to lose weight.


22. Drink tea

There are several sorts of teas that help you stop hunger, burn fat and be healthy.


23. Use Caffeine

Drink a small cup of coffee half an hour before exercise, and you will accelerate the fat burn process.


24. Have breakfast!

First, to maximize the results of your diet, you should start early in the morning. It is vital you eat a healthy breakfast, rich in vitamins to give your body the necessary energy for a new day. Eating a low glycemic index food is the most effective. The explanation? This is because when your body’s insulin level is low, the body converts fat into energy (glucose). Yogurt, fruit or a shake with as many proteins will be the perfect start to your day. Very important! Do not ever think that, by skipping breakfast, you get rid of the accumulation of calories. You will not succeed than you starve your body will enter a process of conservation and will accumulate fat from other meals of the day.


25. Beware of salt consumption!

Excessive salt consumption is the main factor for accumulated fat around the abdomen. Salty foods will cause you thirst. Although it is important to drink water, caused by the excessive intake of salt is not healthy. To avoid dehydration due to salty food, your body will retain water. The result: the appearance of our biggest enemy – cellulite. Also, to avoid its formation, stay away from any foods containing saturated fatty acids (such as fried foods), and partially hydrogenated products (snacks, chips, etc.). 

You can find more tips and tricks for a beautiful healthy body, plus an old mixture of plants recipe, in the new book THE SECRETS OF LOSING WEIGHT.



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Obesity Consequences

• general immobility state (immobility increases the risk of accidents).

• lack of strength, energy

• Anti-erotic behavior

• heart pain

• headache

• dyspnea

• seat disorders

• hypertension (80% of obese people)

• high blood cholesterol

• varicose veins (the pressure of excess weight on the legs can help to develop varicose veins and favors the arthritis.)

• swollen feet

• Degenerative arthritis

• Hemorrhoids

• predisposition to pneumonia

• Chronic gastritis

• chronic cholecystitis

• gallbladder stones (excessive amounts of cholesterol, caused by weight gain, can turn into gall stones)

• need high doses of anesthetic (Obesity increases the risk of operations. All this happens because of increased anesthetic dose needed for a more voluminous body, and makes difficult medical examinations.)

• pancreas problems

• diabetes (80% of diabetics are overweight. Doctors have shown that diabetes is not only a hereditary disease; extra pounds can contribute to the onset.)

• nephritis

• Nervous system disorders: insomnia

• affects potency

• affects menstrual cycle

• infertility (overweight women have difficulties when pregnant and sometimes extra pounds causes abortions)

• endocrine disorder: pituitary, adrenal glands, thyroid, ovary, prostate

• Water-salt metabolism disorders

• atherosclerosis (every third obese, the artery walls narrow and thicken)

• predisposition to stroke

• some forms of cancer• life longevity is reduced by 12 to 15 years

Studies show that only 10% reduction in weight, reduced total mortality by more than 20% and mortality of cancer associated with obesity by more than 40%!

Maybe it’s unpleasant to think about it…

Maybe you don’t like the way you look…

Maybe it is time to change your style you feed yourself….


You will be pleased to meet the new slimmer, fitter, more attractive YOU.

Tired of being laughed at when going to the beach or pool and sad of not being presentable because I couldn’t find clothes that flatter my figure, I decided to change my life. I said to myself that life is to short and I cannot afford to lose important moments because I let myself controlled by food

You are taking the first steps to a new healthier, fitter, slimmer, confident, stress free, attractive you. But you still have to decide to do it!

You Can Start Today and Easily, Steadily Get Excess Pounds OFF PERMANENTLY!



How will this book change your life

It will help you do the followings with little money and less effort:

- get rid of the extra pounds for good

- become a healthier person

- relieve stress and anxiety

- gain confidence

- improve your social life

- improve your sexual life

- improve your resistance to effort

- improve the aspect of your skin

- reduces cellulite with at least 50%

- improved mental clarity and focus

- good night rest

- better resistance to disease


Is life precious for you?

In only a few seconds you can choose being happy for the rest of your life!

It’s in your power to make the difference !


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